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What is certification?

Certifications are credentials you can earn to validate your skills. Through MyEduSolve, you can earn a certification to put the proof in your portfolio or resume.

Why is this beneficial for you?

Getting yourself certified can have many benefits!

A strong first impression

Distinguish yourself from the others with a resume that stands out.

Validate your skills

A certification shows that you have the skills and can use the right software for the job.


Earn a badge for your LinkedIn, CV & Portfolio

Get a certified badge that you can display on your CV or online profiles.

Appeal to Hiring Partners

Hiring partners favor job applicants that have certifications.

What Certification Are You Interested In?

MyEduSolve has a wide variety of certifications to choose from. Explore your options below.

How to get certified?

Getting certified is a simple process and you can do it at your own pace.


Choose a certification.


Take the pre-test, learn with LearnKey & CertPREP


Schedule & take the certification exam


Get certified & display your badge on LinkedIn


Complete the exam and get your certification!

Why certify with MES?

Why certify with MES?

Become a part of something big.

Join our growing MyEduSolve community of satisfied learners!

4,9 / 5

Join a Learning Circle, where you can learn anything with anyone.

Learn using interactive materials that help you understand quickly

Join an active community with experience and tips about your future career