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Meet Our Team

We are powered by people who committed to help young generations learn and grow to become qualified digital talents.

Photo of Stephanie Seputra as CEO

Stephanie Seputra


Photo of Ghama Cakra Bayu Prawira P as Head of Sales & Business Development

Ghama Cakra Bayu Prawira P

Head of Sales & Business Development

Photo of Danny Lalwani as Tech Lead

Danny Lalwani

Tech Lead

Photo of Tirsa Aulia Puspitasari as Curriculum Development Lead

Tirsa Aulia Puspitasari

Curriculum Development Lead

Photo of Annisa Pratiwi Sudibyo as Career Consultant Lead

Annisa Pratiwi Sudibyo

Career Consultant Lead

Photo of Devi Puspita Amartha as Customer Success Lead

Devi Puspita Amartha

Customer Success Lead

Photo of Irhash Putra as Product Manager Lead

Irhash Putra

Product Manager Lead

Photo of Kenanga Sekar Putri as Event and Partnership Lead

Kenanga Sekar Putri

Event and Partnership Lead

Photo of Kris Albert as Social Media Manager

Kris Albert

Social Media Manager

Photo of Yasmine Anisa Nuha as CEO Strategic Assistant

Yasmine Anisa Nuha

CEO Strategic Assistant

Photo of Benedictus Kevin Ronggoseto as Human Resource Generalist

Benedictus Kevin Ronggoseto

Human Resource Generalist

Photo of Siti Fatimah as Business Development Support

Siti Fatimah

Business Development Support

Photo of Dinda Ayu Ningtyas as B2B Account Executive

Dinda Ayu Ningtyas

B2B Account Executive

Photo of Ridznan as B2B Account Executive


B2B Account Executive

Photo of Anan Hartanto as Frontend Developer

Anan Hartanto

Frontend Developer

Photo of Achmad Fadhil Pratama as Backend Developer

Achmad Fadhil Pratama

Backend Developer

Photo of Dimas Rendy Febianto as Frontend Developer

Dimas Rendy Febianto

Frontend Developer

Photo of Maura Hanifah Dwi as Curriculum Developer

Maura Hanifah Dwi

Curriculum Developer

Photo of Putri Aprilliana as Curriculum Developer

Putri Aprilliana

Curriculum Developer

Photo of Hanna Asma Syahidah as Career Consultant

Hanna Asma Syahidah

Career Consultant

Photo of Khansa Balqis Hubbina M. as Class Operations Associate

Khansa Balqis Hubbina M.

Class Operations Associate

Photo of Elsa Valencia P. Pasya as Class Operations Associate

Elsa Valencia P. Pasya

Class Operations Associate

Photo of Sarah Rahmanda Putri as Customer Success Associate

Sarah Rahmanda Putri

Customer Success Associate

Photo of Saffanah Fausta Lamis as Business Intelligent Associate

Saffanah Fausta Lamis

Business Intelligent Associate

Photo of Lailatul Qomariah as Program Associate

Lailatul Qomariah

Program Associate

Photo of Muhammad Yudha Al Fayasya as Senior Motion Graphic Editor

Muhammad Yudha Al Fayasya

Senior Motion Graphic Editor

Photo of Ira Febri Wanty Simatupang as Graphic Designer

Ira Febri Wanty Simatupang

Graphic Designer

Photo of Muhammad Leo Bisma as SEO Copywriter

Muhammad Leo Bisma

SEO Copywriter

Photo of Adibah Ali Baraja as Junior Digital Marketing Specialist

Adibah Ali Baraja

Junior Digital Marketing Specialist

Photo of M. Syahrul Alfianito as Graphic Designer

M. Syahrul Alfianito

Graphic Designer

Photo of Nathaniel Lucas as Video Editor

Nathaniel Lucas

Video Editor

Photo of Ariya Putra Wibawa as Sr. UI/UX Design Part Time

Ariya Putra Wibawa

Sr. UI/UX Design Part Time

Photo of Awieta Nirmala Kusumastuti as Social Media Copywriter Part Time

Awieta Nirmala Kusumastuti

Social Media Copywriter Part Time

Photo of Teddy Ciptadi as Legal Administrator Part Time

Teddy Ciptadi

Legal Administrator Part Time

Photo of Amelia Andi Irfanti as Business Development Leader

Amelia Andi Irfanti

Business Development Leader

Our Intern

Photo of Anisya Dewi Larasati as UI/UX Designer

Anisya Dewi Larasati

UI/UX Designer

Photo of Dinda Oktariana as Curriculum Developer

Dinda Oktariana

Curriculum Developer

Photo of Marini as Career Consultant


Career Consultant

Photo of Riska Novita Situmorang as Business Intelligent

Riska Novita Situmorang

Business Intelligent

Photo of Allysa Chiquita as Event & Partnership

Allysa Chiquita

Event & Partnership

Photo of Fitri Nur Afifah as Program

Fitri Nur Afifah


Photo of Laiqa Ayesha as SEO Copywriter

Laiqa Ayesha

SEO Copywriter

Photo of Mashita Nur'Ain as Content Writer

Mashita Nur'Ain

Content Writer