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Advance Your Career & Ace Your Certification with DIAN

We offer mentoring for career guidance and tutoring to ace certification tests. Explore DIAN's programs and take charge of your future!

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What is


Driven by our mission to empower individuals in their career journeys, we created DIAN. This service caters to those seeking career guidance.

DIAN helps you with your career through these 3 programs:

DIAN Mentoring & DIAN Tutoring photo

DIAN Mentoring & DIAN Tutoring

An hour discussion with experts to dive into the topics, share insights, and seek guidance.

DIAN Webinar photo

DIAN Webinar

Webinars on self-development, careers, and mental health, open for collaboration with organizations.

Talk To DIAN! photo

Talk To DIAN!

If you’re facing work concerns, share your story with DIAN to receive advice from a career expert.

DIAN Mentoring

A guidance and support provided by a career mentor who helps with career concerns and goals.

1-on-1 with Expert icons

1-on-1 with Expert

Industry Insight icons

Industry Insight

Career Advice icons

Career Advice

DIAN Tutoring

Targeted instruction from certified tutor to help prepare for and successfully pass desired certification exams.

Study Case icons

Study Case

Certification Preparation  icons

Certification Preparation

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Mini Portofolio

Register for DIAN Experts

Follow these three steps to start your consultation with the expert of your choice:

Select your Expert image


Select your Expert

Choose an expert whose expertise matches the field you want to master.

Schedule your Session image


Schedule your Session

Check the available schedules from the experts, and choose the time that suits you.

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Register & Pay

Sign up and complete the payment to secure your consultation slot.

Dian Webinar Photo

DIAN Webinar

MyEduSolve is hosting an exclusive webinar series on self-development, career, mental health, and more. The DIAN Webinar is open to the public and has collaborated with over 10 organizations.

Talk to DIAN!

Hi MES Friend, what's up today? Do you want to share your work woes but don't know where to turn? DIAN is ready to listen and help you. Let's talk and ask questions at #TalkToDIAN

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Free Consultation Dian

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