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Build Your Career, Realize Your Dreams

DIAN is a program that helps prepare your career so that you are better prepared to achieve your dream career goals. Our program is also directly assisted by professional career consultants!

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Talk to DIAN

Don't hesitate to talk to DIAN about your career problems!

Hey MESFriend, what's your story today? Want to share your work-related grievances but don't know where to go? DIAN is ready to listen and help you. Let's talk & ask questions with #TalkToDIAN

DIAN Webinar

Exclusive Webinars with Interesting, Relevant, and Current Topics

Exclusive webinar from MyEduSolve that talks about self-development, career, mental health, and much more. The DIAN Webinar is open to the public and has collaborated with more than ten organizations.

DIAN Intensive Program

Career Assistance To Increase Employment Opportunities

An intensive online career preparation program by HR professionals prepares employees to enter the workforce and increase their chances of achieving their career goals.

Career Class

1-on-1 consultation


Tasks & Worksheets

Program Options


Participate in the DIAN Intensive Program open to students, undergraduates & fresh graduates.


For Participants who already have certification


For participants who do not have certification


Invite the MyEduSolve Career Consulting Team to help organize a specific career preparation program for your institution.

Your Career Consultant

1-on-1 Service

DIAN also provides consulting services in the form of resume review & job interview training with professional career consultants MyEduSolve that is free of charge for individuals.

Review Resumes

Job interview practice

Partner Collaboration

Those who received assistance from