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Companies who have trusted us to help them grow in the midst of digital transformation.

The Training Your Company Is Looking For

Today, digital transformation is crucial for companies to remain relevant. We can help accelerate the digital transformation process in your company by preparing digitally literate, competent employees.

Train your employees to master specific skills in tech, design, personal development, & education.

Why Train with MyEduSolve?

Customized Service

Our services are customizable according to your company’s needs. We will cover your business challenges by providing training with an international curriculum.

International Standards Test

Our tests are conducted based on performance and international standards set by companies like Adobe, Microsoft, etc. Your employees will also get official international certifications.

Certified Trainers

Our trainers are internationally certified, according to their respective competencies. They are ready to guide and answer all kinds of problems from your employees.

Training Options

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Corporate Training

Private and customized training for companies that want to train their employees to be more competent according to their needs.

Our Programs

We offer a wide range of solutions through our programs to answer a variety of your business problems.


App Development with Swift

Best program for companies who want to develop their digital products that can be implemented on iOS-based devices which are currently growing rapidly.


Information Technology Specialist

Designed for entry-level IT skills & knowledge learning. The right plan to start a transition into digitalization. It covers broad range of IT topics (network & cybersecurity, artificial Intelligence, cloud computing, and software development).


Microsoft Office Specialist

This program covers all aspects of Microsoft Office (such as Excel, Words, PowerPoint, etc) which is a necessity in almost all job fields. Hence, this certification will benefits companies from any industry who use Microsoft’s products.


Microsoft Certified Fundamentals

Suitable for tech company and any company who planning to enterartificial intelligence, data science, and cloud computing to boost your business through more advance digital technology.


Unity Certified User

For company who currently/planning to develop a game, simulation, VR product, apps, and more using Unity, one of the most popular development programs. This program is available for programmer and artist role.

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Understand more about our programs or consult with us to find the best plan for your company.

How We Make Sure You’ll Get The Best Service

  • 1

    Needs Analysis

    Set up a time with our team for a free consultation to determine the training needed for your company.

  • 2

    Customized Training Plan

    Our curriculum development team will use this insight to create a customized training plan for your company.

  • 3


    Lastly, our class operation team will coordinate the execution of the corporate training program.

How our service will help your company to grow and transform

  • Get a comprehensive and practical curriculum for your team from MyEduSolve professional instructors
  • Providing you with various official and international certification programs from Adobe, Microsoft, or PMI, according to your company’s needs.
  • Increase your company’s credibility and productivity through certified employees.

Improvements Your Team Will Experience

  • Save Times

  • Create Efficiencies

  • Leverage Technology

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