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Pearson Vue: Certified IT Specialist

A way to validate entry level IT skills for career in information technology

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About Pearson Vue: Certified IT Specialist

IT Specialist Certification from Pearson Vue at MyEduSolve is the solution for validating your expertise in the field of information technology. An IT Specialist is a profession that requires certification in IT skills to be competitive in the industry.


To secure your position in the growing IT industry



Improve your competency and be career ready by fully understanding fundamental IT skills and knowledge through IT Specialist certification.



Certify your knowledge in various IT topics including coding, database administration, mobility and device management, networking and security, and software development.



Increase your chances at starting a career in tech, earning more profit, and stand out from the crowd.

Available Certifications

Network and Security

Certified your skills and knowledge in organizing and securing servers. These certifications are for anyone who wants to be an expert in network and security.

Artificial Intelligence and Computing

These certifications are highly recommended for anyone interested in artificial intelligence and computing. It will also be beneficial for students looking to explain AI models.

Software Development

Get insights and start your career into the software development industry with the technical knowledge.

How To Get Certified

The certification exam is not a piece of cake. Not only helping you book the exam, we are also providing additional support to help you pass it.

Practice the Test

Through MyEduSolve, get access to CertPREP to study for your exam and try your hand at practice tests through Training Mode and Testing Mode. We've got your learning needs covered.

Take the Exam

When you're ready, take your exam at home or in the office -- anywhere you have your computer and a stable internet connection. The exam will be held in English.

Get Certified!

Earn a passing grade of 700/1000 or above to receive your Microsoft Certified Fundamentals certification, valid for a lifetime.

Certification Retrieval Details

Benefits of Taking IT Specialist Certification

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IT Specialist Exam Guideline

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Exam Format and Requirements

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Exam Buying Guide

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Exam Preparation Guide

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The power of the Digital Badge

A digital badge makes it easy for you to validate and show off your abilities to potential employers on social media sites such as LinkedIn as well as email and online portfolios.

Certificate of IT Specialist

Increase your marketability

After passing the exam, you will receive the official IT Specialist certificate which you can attach on your resume or CV to gain the competitive advantages!


You can now chase your dreams and goals confidently without doubt.

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Realize your potential to fulfill your ambition. Boost your productivity and academic performance to be future-ready and career-ready by becoming IT Specialist Certified.

Fresh Graduates

Fresh Graduates

Increase your success rate to land your first job. Individuals who are certified give a sigh of relief to the employers because they demonstrate higher levels of abilities compared to those who aren't.



Let your productivity at work soar high. IT Specialist certifications validate the expertise you need to advance your career growth in the IT industry.

Alumni Testimonial

Hear from satisfied students who have achieved academic and career success through MyEduSolve

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