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Design software skills in Autodesk is a valuable asset for your career.



Give your career a strong start by developing your skills in Autodesk software. Get 150 hours of real-world software experience.



With this official certification from Autodesk, prove that you are able to use different Autodesk software for school or for work. Enhance your CV and applications with a certification that validates your abilities.



Learn in-demand skills, gain a competitive advantage, and access new opportunities with Autodesk certifications. Put the proof of proficiency in your portfolio!

Pilihan Ujian Sertifikasi

Autodesk AutoCAD

Pelajari kemampuan tingkat pemula untuk menggunakan software AutoCAD secara efektif: membuat atau merencanakan gambar, mengedit objek, bekerja dengan tata letak, dan lainnya.

Mulai dari:

Rp 1.100.000

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Autodesk Fusion 360

Menunjukkan keterampilan pengembangan produk menggunakan alat 3D CAD, CAM, dan CAE untuk mengeksplorasi ide desain dengan perangkat yang terintegrasi.

Mulai dari:

Rp 1.100.000

Cek lebih lanjut

Autodesk Maya

Menunjukkan dan memvalidasi kemampuan dalam penggunaan animasi 3D di Autodesk Maya.

Mulai dari:

Rp 1.100.000

Cek lebih lanjut

Autodesk Inventor

Menunjukkan pengetahuan tingkat pemula dalam membuat, memodifikasi, memformat, dan membagikan sketsa 2D; membuat part, viewing, dan menganimasikan assembly; membuat presentasi dan gambar, serta yang lainnya

Mulai dari:

Rp 1.100.000

Cek lebih lanjut

Autodesk Revit

Mendemonstrasikan pengetahuan tingkat awal menggunakan software informasi bangunan untuk karier di bidang arsitektur, desain interior, dan manajemen konstruksi dengan menggunakan Revit.

Mulai dari:

Rp 1.100.000

Cek lebih lanjut

Autodesk 3ds MAX

Menunjukkan kemampuan software pemodelan 3D untuk memulai karier di industri game, film, atau motion graphic.

Mulai dari:

Rp 1.100.000

Cek lebih lanjut

Value of Autodesk Certified User

Getting a certification in one or more Autodesk programs shows that you have the knowledge and proficiency to succeed as a designer, engineer, or maker. With 150 hours of real-world software experience, become confident that you have what it takes to kickstart your career!

How to Get Certified

Learn and Practice

Get access to practice tests and a learning course that covers everything you need to know for the exam.

Take the Exam

When you're ready, take the exam at home or in the office - anywhere you have your computer and a stable internet connection.

Get Certified!

Pass the exam and you will receive your official Autodesk Certified User certification through Certiport!

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The Power of the Digital Badge

A digital badge makes it easy for you to validate and show off your abilities to potential employers on social media sites such as LinkedIn as well as email and online portfolios.

Increase your marketability

After passing the exam, you will receive the Autodesk Certified User certificate and digital badge which you can attach to your CV or online profiles to gain a competitive advantage!


You can now chase your dreams and goals confidently without doubt.

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Realize your potential to fulfill your ambition. Boost your productivity and academic performance to be future-ready and career-ready by becoming certified.

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Fresh Graduates

Increase your success rate to land your first job. Individuals who are certified give a sigh of relief to the employers because they demonstrate higher levels of abilities compared to those who aren't.

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Be a star in your chosen career with unique problem-solving and customer-oriented thinking skills that help you stand out from the rest. Advance your career growth and access opportunities to enhance your professional life.

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